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Toll Road - PT Marga Harjaya Infrastruktur
CSR Activities Photos

As a form of social responsibility, PT MHI has several CSR programmes focused on education, public health, IGA (Income Generating Activities) and the environment.

Tree Planting CSR on MHI 10th Anniversary, February 2016
Free Medication CSR by MHI in collaboration with Jombang District Health State Ministry, January 2016
Sentra Komunikasi (Senkom) officer taught students of SD Negeri Mojokrapak 1 about the functions of rescue equipment
"Does anyone know the meaning of this sign? Come on raise your hands!" asked Pengajar Harjaya, volunteering employee for MHI Berbagi Ilmu in one of their traffic sign session.
MHI employees enthusiastically participated in blood donation activities carried out in May. A total of 61 bags of blood were collected and donated to PMI Jombang.