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Toll Road - PT Marga Harjaya Infrastruktur
Toll Road Security
Patrol & Task Force

To provide services and security to toll road users, Astra Infra Toll Road Jombang-Mojokerto (PT MHI) currently operates 2 units of toll road patrols that are divided into 3 shifts per day. Patrol officers will conduct regular monitoring and report to headquarters every 30 minutes.

Highway Police (PJR)

To further enhance the security, PT MHI also cooperates with the Indonesian Police to commit together to serve the public and maintain the traffic order in all areas of Jombang - Mojokerto toll road. PJR is equipped with 2 units of vehicles divided into 3 shifts per day.


To assist the handling of accidents on toll roads, PT MHI prepares experienced medical personnel along with 1 unit of ambulance cars equipped with a stretcher, long spine board, oxygen cylinder, 1 kg APG, suction and other medical equipment.

Cranes & Crane

To enhance the convenience and smoothness of toll road users, PT MHI has also set up a tow truck facility to evacuate toll road users who experience engine or physical disturbance. PT MHI cranes are on duty for 24 hours and can tow the toll road users' vehicles to nearby toll booths for free. Derek has now served in the sexy 1 and 3 sections with a total of 3 units.

Astra Infra Toll Road Jombang-Mojokerto has a crane to evacuate toll road users who have an accident and are difficult to evacuate normally and need special handling.


Rescue Car as a car carrying complete accident equipment, for now, 1 unit of a car with 3 shifts for 24 hours ready to operate. Rescue Car is equipped with generator pump, nitrogen indicator, cutter, spreader, piston ramp, lifting bag, cutter pliers and other equipment.