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Public Contributions

The long-term sustainability of a business is measured not only by its financial performance, but also by its capability to manage the social and environmental effects of its existence as a business entity. “Public Contribution” is one of the pillars Strategic Triple Roadmap implemented by Astra.

As a part of Astra group, ASTRA Infra and its subsidiaries live the Astra Green Company values (AGC) through commitment to environment, health, safety and Astra Friendly Company (AFC) via four CSR pillars of education, health, income generating activities, and environment.

The CSR programmes are consistently implemented every year.

ASTRA Infra Group also aligns with Astra International in implementing national CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programmes such as “Astra Green Life Style”, “Indonesia Ayo Aman Berlalu Lintas”, and “Astra Berbagi Ilmu (ABI).”

Guidance and Counseling of Toddler Nutrition in Penajam by ASTRA Infra Port Eastkal

Astratel and SERA raises early childhood education students` awareness on road safety

Together with PMI, Astratel held a blood donor event in Setiabudi Building premises

MMS provides scholarships to 40 high school students around the Tangerang-Merak toll road on Thursday, January 7, 2016