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Resta Pendopo
Resta Pendopo KM 456 is a pioneer of hybrid transit destination located on the Trans Java toll road, Semarang – Solo Toll Road, that is a joint venture between Astra Infra, Astra Property, and Sarana Pembangunan Jawa Tengah (SPJT). Resta Pendopo 456 has been officially operated since February 2020. It leverage hidden potential in motorway service area, supported by integrated public services and commercial areas. Presenting One Stop Services Under One Roof, Resta Pendopo KM 456 has the first sky bridge on toll roads in Indonesia. This bridge connects Resta Site A (Semarang - Solo) and Resta Site B (Solo - Semarang) so that visitors can take a walk and enjoy both sides of Resta Pendopo Km 456 and the beautiful natural scenery.

Built with a modern traditional concept with natural views and surrounded by beautiful mountains, Resta Pendopo KM 456 provides a place to find inspiration or a meeting point for work or leisure. In addition, Resta Pendopo KM 456 also provides complete facilities for toll road users who are disabled and elderly, such as parking lots for 4 wheels, trucks & buses, toilets, mosques, health clinics, Resta Sae souvenir centers, as well as various types of Javanese food and beverages, such as; Ronde Jago, Sate Sapi Suruh, Ayam Goreng Bu Toha, Srabi Notosuman and many more. There are also food and beverage also fashion retailers.