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Toll Road - PT Trans Marga Jateng

PT Astra Tol Nusantara (Astra Infra Toll Road) acquired 40% of PT Trans Marga Jateng (PT TMJ), which is majority owned by Jasa Marga. PT TMJ is the concession holder of the 72.6 km Semarang Solo toll road, a part of the Trans-Java toll road network that links the two largest cities in Central Java. Full operation is expected by 2019.

The Semarang-Solo toll road consists of 5 sections which all have been in full operation in December 2018. These 5 sections are Semarang-Ungaran (10.8 km), Ungaran-Bawen (11.9 km), Bawen-Salatiga (17.3km), Salatiga-Boyolali (24 , 1km) and Boyolali-Solo (7.7 km).

: Already in operation